Tails’ Of Love

Paws to the People!

“We all need saving”. Most of us think, we’re out there, going out of the way to make room in our homes for an other living thing. What an oblivion of a bubble we live in, it’s only when the deed takes its course do we realize, its the other way around.

As baffling as it seems, a dog doesn’t come with expectations, doesn’t depend on your bank savings nor does he look for the polished side of what you seem to portray to the world.

Give him a minimum of your time and he will give his world.

Credits: Georgina Coelho

In a time soiled with chaos and engulfed with degenerated impurities, these four-legged creatures are the only evolved beings that have perfected love in every way we see it.

This is to address not the animal lovers but to those hesitant onlookers.The Market like every other attempted event aims to salvage human compassion and value the existences of life in every form. Rest assured it is not here to impose, it is an opportunity to feel, to experience and to understand that the very design of a dog is set in favor of its benefactor.

Therefore, knowing the truth, we don’t urge you to take home a pet in any manner of reluctance but to open yourself to possibilities, to spread the word with passionate belief and to take home a new perspective of how these creatures can enrich one’s life in a manner we least expected.

With that being said, we implore you to take some time to join us at the venue where love comes from wagging tails, paw shakes and excited barks. Our doors are open to all, the question here is ‘Are you bold enough to make the move?”


“Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well.”-Bonnie Wilcox.

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