Tail Of An Affair

Some things in life are better rescued that slated to be homeless or euthanised!

To make life bigger than it actually is – whether you choose to rescue,  assist or advocate, you serve a meaningful purpose even to the old ways of a senior dog.

 The beauty of life goes far beyond the age bracket.

What we fail to see is that time catches up with all of us. We may be spared the cruelty of being in the mercy of others but for dogs, they fall more in the compassion of human hands.


Nonetheless, you can still see the light even at the end of the darkest of tunnels. All you have to do is look hard enough and make your way towards it.  That’s just what these organisers did, PetSocial alongside Georgina’s kitchen ventured out and amassed people who shared the same belief in a collaboration that came forward with the ‘The Market’.

Standing as a one-stop-shop business entity, the online platform PetSocial strives to bridge the gap between pet parents and service providers.

Realising the need for a senior dog adoption drive, the two organisers contacted individual animal welfare activists, Debaleena and Vani who actively aided in bringing the cause to light.


‘The Market’ took place on Oct 1st at Rasta Cafe. This pet-friendly event was introduced to bring pet parents as well as non-pet-owners on the same platform to interact and enjoy a day out with their furry kids as well as their humankind. The goal? To find good homes for senior dogs and help them get a second chance at life.


I for one, who stood on neutral grounds found myself as an onlooker or perhaps stumbled upon the opportunity to bear witness to a perspective that never before had I fathomed.

The air was lively and the setting reminded me of a kiddy party that filled my thoughts with nostalgia. With plenty of shopping for furry pals and people, there was a range of pet and human items stationed at every stall. Creative vendors like Nylos cookies, Pawffles, Joy at work and Floured and Chakee displayed their works catering to dog-themed items, doggy meals and treats decorated in all its grandeur.


From what started out to be a handful of people with their four-legged furry friends soon turned out to be housing a union of animal lovers and pets of various breeds.

Just like the old days, back when we were kids, making frie

nds was just as easy. Tails wagging perpetually, warm embraces from owners and their pets, paw shakes and welcoming licks coated me with amazement and gratitude for having my stars guide me to this place.

fgfdg.jpgEverything about the day took me off guard, love filled the confines of the four walls, family members consisted of pets and homes were built grew bigger with every adoption that took place within those few hours.  I’ve never been more happy to be proven wrong as there was more to take than to give at this event.

The unwavering love and undying loyalty is pretty much a trait that’s set in every dog’s gene. We often look at puppies as our first preference for adoption; nevertheless, there’s more to it than meets the eye with a senior dog. From what I’ve learnt, grown-up dogs are house trained and follow up with basic commands. They’re well over their ‘search-and-destroy’ phase, more adjustable to other pets and are calmer and less energetic when compared to puppies. More importantly, adopting older dogs may just save their lives.


There may be a ring of truth in the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but with all certainty, you can restore life into their eyes. 

So open your hearts to older dogs and your mind as well. Don’t undermine the value of life by a number and look past them when they’re withered and grey. They still make room for wonderful and enduring companions.

As for making a difference, an older dog may only be a part of your life but for him, you are his whole world!



3 thoughts on “Tail Of An Affair

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that… I’m sure she’s in a better place. My condolences to you and your family. And I thank you for touching my day with positivity, your comment truly makes everything worth the effort. I thank you once again

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