The Voice Of The Unheard

An open letter,

We the Advocates take a stand as the voice for those that can’t speak for themselves, the humble four-legged friends. Diwali is just around the corner, a festivity extended to all members of the family. In merriment to such a Joyce occasion, let it not be at the expense of our furry friends.


With each passing year, the festival of lights dissolves itself in a thick blanket of crackers. What remains to be unseen is the impact it leaves on our paw pals. The assault of celebratory bombing is a torturous affair on their physical and mental well being. The resulting fireworks render the unsedated curse that is deafening to their sensitive hearing abilities (to be precise seven times that of humans) while blinding them of their vision. An abuse we’re oblivious to while neglecting whimpers in the act of merriment.


I watch in fear as my family dances around the ferocity of these alarming noises. I see the thrill in the eyes of my dear ones with every raging fire that jolts around in the air. Smothered in smoke, I stare in despair as familiar voices cheer with glee at this confusing warfare. Fearful for the life of my own and that of my loved ones, I linger in despair as I watch on in silence”. – The troubled Paw.

To ensure a safe and happy Diwali, take note on the following precautions that might come in handy during this time.

    • See that your pet’s collar is attached to an identification tag along with your address and phone number at all times. The drastic change in environment projects a state of fear and panic which coaxes them to scamper away, thereby losing their way back in the process.
    • Engage in soothing music on a relatively higher volume to mask the noise of the firework nuisance.
  • A dog’s instinctive reaction to fear would seek closure in confined spaces, usually under the bed or nooks and corners of one’s living space. Instead of dragging them out and rebuking, reassure them by placing clothes around them that carry familiar scent as a means of comfort.
    • Keep them indoors and avoid fastening them to a tether during such traumatic episodes.
    • Another aspect to be noted, during this season our pets are at high risk of developing unhealthy eating patterns. Ensure they’re fed two hours before the said activities take its toll.
    • Veterinarians forewarn that during these distressing occasions, refrain from feeding them confectionery food as it is dangerous in the long run. Furthermore, administering non-prescribed medicines can be fatal.
  • Keep your pets away from stacked up firework material, a lick or even a whiff of the substance can be toxic to their system.


Therefore we beseech that you take caution, pets are family too! Brighten the occasion in all its valour but leave no soul to harbour in the dark.

Drawing to its conclusion, to every breathing soul with a meaningful purpose, be it a pet owner, a pet lover or those that take the opposite post, the victims at stake are largely the self-proclaimed on-duty guard dogs in our residence. It is these strays (cats as well) that are affected most adversely. In the need of the hour, if not a home, let them take refuge in the little confines of your living space (car parks, deck or balcony), at least until the moment subsides.

    • Keep a bowl of water and food stationed outside your house.
    • Be on the lookout for sadists who thrive on brutality and use this occasion to harm animals. Stop them at all cost!
  • Gather phone numbers ahead of time of local animal shelters and vets in case of an emergency.

You can help restore their faith in mankind, all it takes is just one act of kindness.


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