The Awakening

‘The thousand yard stare of intoxication’ – John Green, Looking for Alaska.

The necklace of stars adorned the moon over the velvet beach- the view, indescribable! Tried and tested, never live behind the lens of a camera. Pictures are but frozen memories. They map the presence of a time long behind us, yet fail to clasp the essence that contributes to the whole.

Despite appearances, the breathtaking view resonates with everything in and around it. It is a picturesque frame for soothing vibes. You are bound to submit to it and submit you will for the silky smooth sand that escapes one’s grip is but a reminder of how our memory will fail to restore the avidity of binding moments.

However, it’s hard to close doors on the walk-ins of pleasantries. Perhaps, words could conjure up fading encounters. 

Screenshot_2017-03-22-13-10-30-455The friendliness between all people alike, the burping bulls, the warm welcome of stray felines at the restaurants and the surreal trek through the forest that rendered a voice of its own. Even taking cover from the volcanic-like-sand that burnt the pits of our feet seemed worthwhile. Forgetting would be unforgivable!

Venturing into the crest of this journey was solely to include the enriching conversations fuelled by everything around.

It got me thinking, how well do we think we actually know somebody?  Friends or family, how much is enough to stare back with a firm belief that you were aware of these episodes.  At that moment I wondered, where was I during that phase of their life, why hadn’t I been there? We were victims of oblivion and yet the shallow surface seemed far more than sufficient. I, on the other hand, would shake my head with heated disagreement.

Nailed down to the raw truth Socrates once said, “I know one thing: that I know nothing.”

However, all at once, that moment hemmed in a new face value. We were back to being kids again with no boundaries and no filters. Throwing heaps of sand at each other, blinding torchlight straight into one’s eye, funky dance moves, midnight smokes in the bus (power to the renegades!) and meaningful song dedications.

It took me a long while to realise that time invested in people was more of an insightful journey through a different set of eyes. ‘Time is a currency of relationships’, you’ll never know when you’ll run out of it and that’s exactly what I intend to pursue here on out.


It felt like the earth dropped down a billion sizes just to envelope this bubble and nothing more. Even the dogs assigned position as personal night guards at the beach. The world had orchestrated everything down to the last detail just to give room for this moment to breathe itself into reality.

“There are so many moments you could share with anyone, someone and you just feel like that moment will last forever, when it’s only a moment…”– 30 seconds to mars, Closer to the edge.

It’s a given, hiccups are bound to come along the way. The deadpan looks of annoyance with each perspective clash, haphazard planning and time restraints, these events are likely to be forgotten and perhaps brushed off as trivial circumstances that needed no more attention to be paid.

Being a city girl, there’s a probable chance that the term ‘fun’ (and with blame I intentionally do inflict) has brutally been narrowed down by social patterns on my ‘view’ of entertainment. Albeit, my quest for change has often been an undeclared dream, taking in natures’ grandeur was to sketch another brilliant chapter in the storybook that I call my own.


Experience life through an entirely different spectrum.

To be a conformist is nothing more than the execution of dreams, ‘Carpe Diem’ to its last!

Unlace your own and tread in a different pair of shoes each time.

There’s more to the story than you realise.  

Just like the ability to lose yourself in the expression of art, books and music

-Dissolve yourself in empathy until the last of your traces mirrors the other.

  If not mindfulness,

Perhaps a change of heart or an awakening of a greater purpose.


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