A Place To Call Home -Mel Ville

For many of us, we often look for a place that vibes well with us, a place to call home. Like every other hotel or service-apartments, the expectancy in exchange for our good money is to be endowed with a posh experience while having everything taken care off.  In dire need of a homely feel, we stumbled upon Mel Ville-service apartment and based on the reviews, we seemed to have met our match.

The cleanliness, the beautiful display in the living room, an array of toiletry, good ventilation, and spotless master beds were all fashioned in a creative manner.  It was nothing short of an impeccable presentation to welcome our stay. If I must say,  we were pleasantly surprised as our living quarter proceeded far from what the pictures looked like on the website.

After getting settled in, we were cordially acquainted with Mr. Anup Melwani and his beautiful wife, Mehak. Our living quarter was spacious, comfortable and the right amount of homely feel. It seemed like we had won the jackpot!

What’s more? Safety plugs for electrical outlets were set in place in keeping with a family setting. The location ideally favoured its occupancy as it is situated in the heart of Old Pondicherry (yet away from the bustling main road) with all major tourist spots within a kilometer’s radius of Mel Ville. Additionally, a well-equipped kitchen made it all the more admirable as we could prepare our own meals. And finally, the cherry on the cake was without a doubt the strong WiFi connection (much appreciated) to stream online movies for family movie nights.

The beauty of this place doesn’t end there, Mrs. Mehak Melwani, had our breakfast laid out without delay. Everything from the welcoming drink to the last morsel on our plate was absolutely delightful.


The witty owner-come-host Anup truly made for a great conservationist in regaling tales of the old. He was quite helpful in arranging transportation, facilitating us with tourist spots and recommending the choicest places to dine (his own establishment being one of them).

Drawing to a conclusion, Mel Ville is highly commendable in our books and has excelled in more ways than one.

At the end of the day, a good business ensures our happiness and satisfaction but adding a personal touch and building a connection goes a long way than just paying the final bill.

Besides checking out on all categories of outstanding services, this fine establishment is not just remembered for its pleasant accommodation but the people (Anup & Mehak) who opened their hearts to us as much as they opened their homes.

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