We are all looking to buy the dream home; save and make the investment. ‘Secure your future’, they say, and in some way, that would be the definition of success. Lock eyes on the goal; it’s just another few decades to materialise before you have the right to claim a piece of the earth. That said, if nothing else falls through, at least you have a home, or in my view ‘a ghost of a house to bank on’.

If I had to wear the shoes of a critic, I would say my folks lost many a prized home. Surrendered or turned the other way when the opportunity came knocking.

But what never fails to amaze me is that they relentlessly built a home within us. Hard to imagine, in this day and age, my parents went by having five kids to keep their home brimming with laughter and chaos throughout the day; three boys that go by the names of Mark Quentin, Leslie Anthony, Nelson George and two girls, Roselinda Clementina and Georgina.

As time goes by, we move forward together in our own separate directions.
Like branches, we spread out in pursuit of out our path yet remain rooted wherever we may go.

A dynamic family of personalities, each morphing into their unique identities of the future. And despite the views in the opinion that comes with the inescapable age gap (thirteen years difference between Quentin and myself, eight with Lezz, seven with Nelson and two with Rosy) we are nothing but a band of siblings that play the ‘harmony of home’ in the same way it was taught to us.

This is my immediate family. An entity of love and belonging. Nothing different from the rest but a simple reminder to close your eyes with arms wide open and fall back with blind fate into never yielding hands.

Through a hail of difficult situations, they emerge to form an unceasing force field to weather the storm as one.

“OHANA means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten”. –Lilo & Stitch

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