A Voice Through Transition

Remember when life was just a routine in the dark,
-feelings felt, without the spark.
Time and again,dreams  unheard  and abandoned,
so were the days that followed in  a pattern.Then the sound of music came through those doors…
suddenly nothing was the same as it was before.

Family that wasn’t blood, sealed the bond,
-the missing part, the void that needed to be filled… all along!

Change was  a good friend back then, change was good indeed!
Now feeling the face of the sun,  the wind through your hair,
nothing is nor was, what you mapped out to be.
Taming the rush of what’s coming your way.
your comrade is back to set the change.
Time has altered everything in its play,

Nothing is nor was… left the same.

Disheartened to let it go, griping on to what you used to know,

the songs we used to sing, wishing for it again ,

reminiscences engraved through lyrical lines it rings.

But do not lose heart, do not let go!
Remember this face of familiarity  was once a stranger before.
Lost in the woes of a tangled mess,

wired thoughts, unforgiving times that tuned you at your best.

Free yourself from the confined thoughts of uncertainty,
embrace the change, the friend, that once brought rhythm to your beats.
Cause when the summer is over, let the memories rewind
as the rain falls upon you, know that you take it with a smile.
To the place you once  called home,
-turn back for a glimpse and nothing more.
To the friend that had his calling to fast,
-cherish the memories, the smiles and laugh.
In a sea of people who care…
do not lose hope, do not despair!
Don’t bury yourself in a clod of worries

look up, be still, even if the path is blurry.

Because when the music dies
Don’t lose face!  These people  will forever and always be by your side.

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